Premier Composite Technologies

Premier Composite Technologies


Non-metallic Engineered – Cold Work Repair Solutions

Premier Composite Repairs (PCR) is a division of PCT providing engineered (Non-metallic) composite repairs that restore the structural integrity of critical pipelines, pipework and vessels of any given diameter and geometry, suitable for internal and external corrosion including through wall defects.

With the primary focus being upstream and downstream operators in the Oil & Gas industries, PCR products are specifically designed for the repair and strengthening of metallic, as well as non-metallic, components.

All repairs are compliant to below standards
  • ISO 24817:2015 (E) Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries – Composite repairs for pipework – Qualification and design, installation, testing and inspection.
  • ASME standards – PCC-2
    • Article 4.1, Non-metallic composite repair systems for pipelines and pipework: low risk applications.
    • Article 4.2, Non-metallic composite repair systems for pipelines and pipework: high risk applications.


ISO/ASME Standard Engineered Repairs, warranty for up to 20 Years.

PCT is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. With locally available project engineering, materials and manpower, PCT offers the ability to meet mobilisation deadlines and more importantly, to provide an immediate emergency response composite repair service as and when required.

PCR Repair Solutions

The potential for PCR repair applications is vast, with the repair primary focusing on providing engineered repair solutions to aged/corroded assets having integrity issues, and reinstating the assets integrity to its original capacity, without any downtime.

PCR Repair Solutions are not limited to pipe works integrity and pressure vessels as below,
  • Piping systems (all geometries, e.g. bends, tees, reducers)
  • Pipelines
  • Vessel and tanks (e.g. shells, supports, nozzle attachments, storage tank roofs)
Can also provide structural strengthening solutions to
  • Roofs, floors (tanks or offshore platforms)
  • Beams, columns, support members, struts (within refinery or offshore)
  • Bridge and jetty supports
  • Handrails